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Throwing an Engagement Party at the Time of COVID 19

04 May 2020


The pandemic has impacted the wedding industry really bad. Couples are in a state of panic, venues are closing, and everyone seems to be clueless. All planning of the dream engagement parties got spoiled because of lockdown in many countries. Many couples are postponing their dates while some cancelled their engagement completely. Planning an engagement now in Gujrat can be stressful as it is under lockdown. But if you will contact with the service providers of wedding event management in Gujarat, then you will have less burden.

Planners can give you new ideas and ways to progress your engagement party without any difficulties. Remain in touch with the best event organizer in Ahmedabad and ask them if they can provide any help. If you get any problem in searching such organizers, you can also look for a baby shower planner near me Ahmedabad. Many baby shower planners also provide services for event decoration. One may get scared thinking about the impact of coronavirus on their special day. But showing compassion will even in this situation, release a lot of stress from the mind.

How to throw an engagement party during COVID 19?

The question of throwing an engagement party or not depends on you. If you remain strongly determined, you can easily overcome this tough time. There are different ways you can use to arrange the party in this crisis.

  1. Venue selection and decoration:

Engagement is a precious moment in a couple’s life, and they will not want to ruin their happiness without giving a party. But for arranging a party, they will require a venue and decorative items which is difficult to arrange in this lockdown. You can make your home as a party venue, or you can look for the nearest safe location.

Event organizer management in Ahmedabad can decorate any location and make it perfect for a party. Many organizers also provide corporate event management in Ahmedabad for arranging events and brothers events and entertainment is one of them. You can talk with such planners to decorate your place beautifully.

  1. Arrangement of party essentials:

Apart from buying rings, there are many more things that you will require to arrange for an engagement party. Many bakery shops still provide decorative cakes which you can easily order to your place. Then the most important thing you will require is food for guests. Wedding planning services also provide catering services. So, consulting with the best wedding planner in Gujarat will help you to arrange food for your guests.

  1. Cut down your guest list:

It is a sad reality that there is lockdown everywhere and all guests will not be able to come to the engagement party. For this, you have to cut down the old guest list and prepare a new one in which add members who can visit your place easily.

  1. Do not miss out family and friends:

Contact with all friends and family members on video calls so that you can still feel the presence of them in your important day.

Proper planning and effective application will help you to throw an engagement party. Remain stress-free, act peacefully and follow the ways to make it a memorable day of your life with the help of the right event organizer company.

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